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Our AI algorithm maximizes yield by automatically proposing portfolio distributions & providing automated DeFi strategies
We`re baking the product you`ll love! Our IDO will be open soon.
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Earn passive income by using our app

Community-driven investment platform that implements web3 and allows you decide which protocols to invest in, but helps you manage the risk.

Highest Yield for Early Adopters

USDT Invested
10,000 USDT
Your Passive Income
20% - 150% *APY on USDT
2,000 - 15,000 USDT
10% Bonus APY
1,000 USDT(In Proteus)

Your Earnings After 1 Year
3,000 - 16,000
* Sometimes the higher APY brings higher risks!

Our Mission

We deliver what other Apps promised and make sure you don't get rekt by investing in DeFi
We connect to the best protocols on Terra that give you +100% yield and provide debit card

How does it work?

You buy/deposit your stablecoins
AI helps you to select the most profitable Terra protocols
You: Invest & receive yield
We: Manage your risk
Withdraw or spend with the card

What Proteus will deliver?

March 2022
New tier structure
We reward all early investors with lifetime bonus
April 2022
Terra protocols
Integration with most popular Terra protocols & stocks (over 100% APY)
May 2022
Portfolio distribution
Introduction of delta neutral strategies and multiple risk levels (low/medium/high)
June 2022
True DeFi
Connect your metamask & hold your own keys
September 2022
Allows you to invest in new projects and make additional gains

Coming Soon



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We are partnering with a debit card company that will allow all* members to hold a debit card & pay anywhere in the world
*KYC obligatory

Our Team & Partners

Gabriele Pauliukaite
Gabriele Pauliukaite
Business Development
Gabriele is an ultimate DeFi enthusiast investing in all Terra Protocols. Gabriele has a professional background in data science and finance. While she started her corporate career in finance at a Nasdaq100 company, she made her career in tech sales and business development in a few startups in Scandinavia.
Lukas Navickas
Lukas Navickas
Product Development
Lukas started investing in crypto in 2017. He was an early investor during DeFi summer in 2020, where he was analyzing & investing in Ethereum based lending protocols. In 2021 he noticed the need for a simple yield generation platform that automates all complex DeFi 2.0 strategies. He came up with the idea to create Proteus Finance.
Piotr Krajewski
Piotr Krajewski
Software Development
Piotr has 15 years of experience in software development. He worked on complex, high-bandwidth applications, where he was responsible for creating & monitoring the IT infrastructure. His focus mainly relies on Web3 & backend development. He was already working on web3 products in Crypto Valley in Switzerland during the 2017 ICO madness.